The FMMUG Event Program Schedule

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Presentation Descriptions

Out of the Box and Standardization - Is Customization Dead? 

Our opening presentation is a panel featuring Steven Shull, Projetech; John Gould, JFC; & Joe Lonjin, Cohesive Solutions discussing their decision to use Maximo Out-of-the-Box and to not customize.

IOT, What Are The Use Cases? Who Has Implemented This Already? Presented by John Gould, WTC, and Aquitas

HSE: De-mystify the Power of This Addon! Presented by Karl Harding, Aquitas, Interloc

Roadmap That is Not a Roadmap, 7.6.1 and Beyond. The Future is Now! Presented by Kim Woodbury and Darlene Nerden, IBM

In this session, we will discuss the reasons to upgrade and look at the upgrade process. We will also cover the Maximo 7.6.1 installation.

Modernizing a Facilities Organization Through the Use of Maximo Presented by Timothy Pratt, Bates College

Bates College is in the middle of an effort to modernize its facilities organization through an upgrade and re-implementation to Maximo 7.6.x. This presentation will explore the progress Bates has made, and the road map for the next 12 months. Through interim steps taken in summer 2018 work order completion time was reduced by 60%, and labor capture increased to almost 80%. Working with a consulting partner, we have identified a plan to re-implement Maximo, repopulate key data tables, and return to OOB functionality with our customer interface. In addition, we will be leveraging Maximo workflows and mobile technology to create a modern and efficient work management program that can be a model for modernizing the rest of the operation.

Attendees can expect to learn about and discuss a transformation in progress and how the goals of a service-oriented organization influence decision making surrounding priorities in a re-implementation. In addition, there will be a discussion on change management, implementation of new processes, engaging staff as stakeholders, working within a higher education setting and how a Maximo implementation can serve as a model for modernization across an organization.

Using Security Groups - Are You Doing It Right? Two Primary Methodologies to Avoid Confusion! Roundtable led by Anne Antonelli

Maximo Integrations WITHIN Maximo Presented by Christopher Winston, Projetech

Before we look too far at connecting Maximo to the enterprise, let’s not forget about the internal integrations built in to the Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS), core product that is delivered. The additional functionality with Maximo 7.6 is quite overwhelming – where do you start to dig in? Today we will look at two major areas: • Begin with the end in mind – improving asset history from the asset at any location (physical and/or process), all the way up through the top level of the location hierarchy (PRIMARY or other system) • Start Center enhancements to the Results set, and confirming functions of all ‘portlets’ Maximo fully supports the ability within the product to capture the costs for labor, material and services, whether they are internally provided, externally, and both. Reporting is available to support that, and delivered with the product. We shall begin with the major components of the integration within Maximo and what to keep in mind during record creation and update, and move on to a couple of the delivered reports and their impact on analysis capabilities. Then we shall take a look on making it easier to capture and display work within the product, especially as it relates to the work order, through both reporting of actuals, and enhancements to the start center. Special attention will be given to the configuration of results sets using substitution variables as well as Report Object Structures (ROS) in Maximo 7.6. Use case is built around a university implementation across 300+ acres, and over 100 users split between Authorized, Limited and Express. A small disconnected mobile solution is in use in the primary storeroom.

Attendees will learn the following: 1. How Report Object Structures and Everyplace can be leveraged for groups of users with different requirements 2. Impact of Location Hierarchy as well as extra fields for querying as well as reporting 3. Simplification of Maximo for the end user with a single interface view, whether mobile or at a desktop.

Innovations for Maximo and you! Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence Presented by Tom Sarasin and Kyle Harding, IBM

Come learn how new technology being introduced throughout the Maximo portfolio will help you get more from your asset management system.   Hear how blockchain can help build a transparent and trusting relationship between you and other third parties.   See how Watson conversation supports truly hands-free inspection processes and how augmented reality will connect your field technicians with remote experts improving first-time fix rates, and building up a repository of critical information for future use.   There are many opportunities to leverage artificial intelligence including increasing a users productivity, improving data quality and analysis and increasing overall effectiveness throughout the organization.   This session will showcase new offerings and innovations being offered from IBM to deliver enhanced capabilities for Maximo.

Sizing your System for Performance - How many JVM's, Memory, Garbage Collection, Servers, UI nodes, etc. Roundtable led by Darlene Nerden, John Gould

Working with IBM to Help You with Maximo, Make It Easier On Yourself Presented by Paula Springstead & Besty Autry, IBM

Join the IoT Asset Management Support and AVP management team to learn more about the IoT Support and Accelerated Value Program (AVP)  structure, organization and geographical makeup.  We will cover topics such as the new IBM Support Community, Product Maintenance, working with your Support engineers and case management.  We'll also discuss how our AVP program will complement and enhance our standard support offerings.  We'll also discuss how our AVP program can provide you with a single point of contact to extend the value of your software and solutions.

Getting Back to Out of the Box Presented by Michael Baker, Cornell University

One of the most commonplace things to do with Maximo is to customize it to meet business requirements and for years, Cornell did just that. In 2013, Cornell went through the process of re-implementing a heavily-customized version of Maximo with an out-of-the-box version of Maximo, taking advantage of many opportunities along the way. Throughout the process, mindsets around customizing things had to shift to configuring things, people had to start really understanding why their processes were the way they were, the business had to truly re-evaluate what they did and what they needed, and the entire university had to become open to a shift in how the facilities organization operated.

Attendees will learn about the pitch to re-implement that was made, which covered everything to be changed including retiring legacy systems, implementing new software, integrating with additional systems, reducing IT staff, changing business processes, and a few other items. The process leading up to the re-implementation, the re-implementation itself, what happened immediately after the re-implementation, and what has happened since will also be discussed. Also, whether re-implementation was the right choice or not will be discussed.

Data Quality Panel Session with Pam Denny, IBM Joe Lonjin, Cohesive Solutions, Dave Reiber, Reliability Web, and Jason Verly

Mapping Maximo to the Uptime Elements Presented by Dave Reiber, Reliability Web and Joe Lonjin, Cohesive Solutions

The presentation will demonstrate how to build an association between the data gathered to support your maintenance processes and the Uptime Elements Reliability Framework and Asset Management System. Maximo excels at Work Management and it is extremely useful as an Asset Information Management system that supports asset management, asset performance and asset knowledge. Using the approach of “Begin with the End in Mind” to ensure we are solving actual business problems and achieving the aim or organizational objectives that top management has laid out for us. By setting up data gathering linked to Uptime Elements Reliability Framework and Asset Management System as well as your processes, you will be able to use more of the Maximo System to support your organizations’ goals and objectives.

Attendees will learn the following: 1. A process to build your own association of data collection linked to your business processes 2. Data for required KPI’s Audits, Health & Safety, Spare Parts, 3. Asset Condition Management and Maximo 4. Asset Management Supported by Maximo

API's - What They Are and How They are Being Used Right Now Presented by Alex Walter, Projetech (Steven Shull)

Improving Your Online Image. Presented by Paulo Ciccone How to use online images that optimize your business or career.

Facilities Maintenance Trend, Using Performance Management Data and Metrics  Joe Lonjin, Cohesive & Bill Steudler, Penn State

Learn how the better use of data can provide insight into your facility's cost. See how trustworthy data can help to identify and reduce operational risk, locate process gaps and support continuous improvement initiatives. We will also share how to create alignment and transparency throughout your organization around your strategic objectives.

Maximo New User Interface, Modernizing Your Happiness! Workcenters, Inspections, Etc. Presented by Pam Denny, Kyle Harding, Tom Sarasin - IBM

Let's go behind the scenes of the Maximo Work Centers! This demonstration-focused session will include - 1. Details of the work center architecture, security, and database. 2. The use of integration object structures 3. Work Center configuration features and more!

Attendees will learn the following: 1. Review the architecture and the differences between Maximo work centers and Maximo classic. 2. Delve into the details on the available configuration features of the work centers. 3. Highlight and share online resources, videos, documentation and best practices. 4. Explain how work centers are enabled and how they work.

Mobility Roundtable with Interloc, Michael Nutt with Datasplice, Michael Baker, Todd Snook

Planning & Scheduling, How is This Supposed to Work with Maximo? Roundtable with Anne Antonelli, Matt Midas, Lacey Radabaugh

Cognos and Reporting Presented by Pam Denny, IBM

Maximo 7.6.1 provides direct entitlement to IBM Cognos ® Analytics 11.0.11, which enables deep, visual insights on your Maximo data for better decision making. Cognos Analytics delivers a suite of new features focusing on empowering business and power users with self-service tools for their dynamic, analytic needs. New tools and features in Dash boarding, Reporting, Storytelling and Data Modeling are available, while legacy features of Cognos packages, reports and administration continue to support the needs of the enterprise. Attend this session to learn more about Maximo and Cognos Analytics. Details of the entitlement and integration will be reviewed, along with in-depth demonstrations of Cognos Analytics products and features with Maximo.

Attendees will learn about the 1. Maximo Cognos Analytics Integration 2. Cognos Analytics products 3. How to create data modules 4. How to create reports, dashboards and storybooks 5. How to consume Cognos Analytics content

Augmented Reality, When Does it Become a Reality? Presented by Kyle Harding, Joe Lonjin, Aquitas

Disaster Recovery and Preparedness Presented by Jim Davis and David Harris, Chugach Government Solutions, LLC.

Creating Targeted Audits in Maximo, Easier Than You Think! Presented by Stephen Hume, MaxTECH

MaxTECH is a user group started in 2017 that provides training, discussions for Maximo Technical Folks. This session will cover the creation of a brand new way of auditing changes to data in Maximo, pinpointed to various applications, including data from related tables. The end result will be a new way of presenting "whodunnit" information to end users. MaxTECH is not a promotion of BPD Zenith but was created entirely to give Maximo technical folks a learning and collaboration opportunity at Maximo User group meetings.

The target audience for this session will be maximo analysts, developers, consultants and support people. They will see hands on the creation of a custom data audit solution, automation scripts and application configuration. This solution applies not only to the FM Maximo area but across industry solutions.


Introduction to Query Based Reporting Training with Anne Antonelli, Technology, Training, and Consulting 

(Learn more) Be sure to bring your own laptop

Taking your Preventive Maintenance Program to Predictive Maintenance with Routes, Meters, and Condition Monitoring! Training with Anne Antonelli, Technology, Training, and Consulting 

(Learn more) Be sure to bring your own laptop

An Introduction to LDAP Authentication and Synchronization in Maximo 7.6 Training with Adam Watson, JFC & Associates

This training will provide an overview of authentication and synchronization in Maximo using Active Directory/LDAP.  We’ll be talking about the differences in authentication types, looking at the WebSphere security configuration, as well as the user/group synchronization process in Maximo. Be sure to bring your own laptop.

Audience: Functional and Technical Maximo administrators who would like to learn more about using AD/LDAP for Maximo authentication and to sync users and groups.

Specific topics covered are: 1. Maximo Authentication Methods 2. LDAP WebSphere Configuration 3. Maximo XML file edits 4. VMMSYNC Cron Task 5. Maximo testing and development 6. Directory Browsers and custom directory attributes

Best Practices for Planning and Scheduling Training with Matt Midas, Solufy

Condition-Based Maintenance in Maximo Training with Jennifer Gatza, Maven Asset

Overview of setting up Maximo Condition Monitoring as part of an IoT implementation. Be sure to bring your own laptop

Are you the “Master” of Your PM’s? Advantages of Using the Master PM Application with Your Preventive Maintenance Records Training with Gina Leonard, Aquitas

Be sure to bring your own laptop!



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