Presentation Summaries

Accessing Job Repair Documentation While in the Field 

Speaker:  Mark Grimes, Gordon Food Service

Overview: In a world where mobile devices have become as commonplace as many household appliances, there are great advantages in using the gear that everyone loves to provide data to technicians and key people at your plant.  Maximo is just one facet of that data.

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Advanced Job Plan and PM setups

Speakers:  Brian Milberg, City of Minneapolis
                   Diane Carr, Training Technology and Consulting

Overview: The City of Minneapolis recently moved from Maximo 3 (yes, you heard right) to 7.6 in a single upgrade. This upgrade allowed for us to finally utilize Job Plans and Preventive Maintenance for all of our Facility Maintenance in the 88 buildings that support the cities organization. We will talk about the different scenarios that face a facilities maintenance department from custodial work to carpentry to HVAC. We also will talk about what we’ve about learned all of the ins and outs of the Job Plans and the Preventive Maintenance applications to support the repetitive work that all of these departments.

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Back to the Basics with Maximo 7.6

Speaker:  Jim Stark, Xanterra Parks & Lodges (Yellowstone)

Overview: Xanterra Parks & Lodges perform all the repair and maintenance of all the buildings, lodges, and fleet within Yellowstone National Park. This year, we have taken our Maximo 7.6 upgrade and turned it into a re-implementation. We have reviewed and analyzed every business process, all data gathered over the last 10 years, and every reporting data point for the National Park Service and have cleansed, changed, and accommodated using out-of-the-box Maximo 7.6 rather than our highly customized Maximo 7.5.

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BIM and Maximo: Values for Owners and Operators

Speakers:  Kawan Park and Derek Fu, IBM

Overview: With rapid worldwide BIM(Building Information Modelling) adoption, more owners and operators are taking advantage of the BIM data in operation and maintenance cycle of their assets. This session will cover an overview of how Maximo leverages BIM to create additional values for the owners and operators. 


Building a Global Item Master in Maximo 

Speaker: Ed Green, Hexcel

Overview: Learn the benefits and challenges in implementing a common Item Master , such as language, terminology, and different approaches from person to person.

We’ll review a conceptual approach: Finding a software tool, processing initial records from Maximo 7.6, process site data outside Maximo, de-duplicating against Item Master, and creating new item request process.  Then, we’ll cover GFS’s implementation: software selection (Refresh), translation of Spanish language records, processing through Refresh.

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Building your Maximo implementation team. Who do you need on your sideline? 

Speakers: Robert Weissenfels and Jessica Delucchi, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Overview: This session will give you a comprehensive overview of Maximo SaaS and its hosting infrastructure, IBM SoftLayer. It will cover what is in Maximo SaaS, and how new customers, existing customers and partners can begin using it today. It will also touch on other Smarter Infrastructure SaaS offerings: Maximo Inventory Insights and IBM Performance Analytics. A quick overview of IBMServiceEngage will also be presented.

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EAMS Strategy Revealed at the “Terminal of Choice for International Travels"  Cancelled

Speaker: Edmund Quintana
                 JFK International

Extending Enterprise Asset Management with Blockchain Business Networks  Cancelled

Speaker: Rupam Chakraborti, IBM


IBM Roadmap

Speaker:  Kim Woodbury, IBM

Overview: This session will provide insights into the strategic direction for Maximo, and the product roadmap. There will be a focus on the next years deliverables across the portfolio, including areas such as mobility and business intelligence. Also learn how to better interact with support and the tools and resources that are available as you look to troubleshoot and maintain Maximo.

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Implementing Maximo Asset Health Insights at Tampa Bay Water 

Speaker:  Jennifer Lawrence-Jones, Tampa Bay Water
                  Ed Jones, IBM

Overview: Tampa Bay Water, a regional water supplier in Florida, provides clean, safe drinking water to over 2.4 million customers in the Tampa Bay region. Hear about their quest to replace three computer programs utilized in tracking asset performance with one by implementing Maximo Asset Health Insights, which utilizes the Internet of Things to incorporate online, real time vibration and temperature monitoring to monitor Asset Health. Discover the challenges they faced, the lessons they learned, and how they plan to expand the pilot program to include additional assets throughout the agency.

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Introduction to IBM Watson IoT for Predictive Maintenance and Optimization with Maximo

Speaker:  Andrew Condos, IBM

Overview:  Optimizing asset performance is crucial to the cost effective and efficient operation of asset-intensive organizations. Scheduled maintenance procedures help to achieve this goal, but the key to unlocking real productivity improvements is in predicting how an asset operates over its entire life-cycle. 

This session will introduce you to how companies are using IBM Watson IoT Predictive Maintenance and Optimization with Maximo to identify and manage asset reliability risks that could adversely affect plant or business operations.   IBM PMO with Maximo applies machine learning to prescribe actions based on predictive scoring, identifies factors that positively and negatively influence asset health and delivers a detailed comparison of historical factors affecting asset performance.

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Learn how to use Maximo HSE to Add a Layer of Control on Top of your Work Process

Speaker:  Kyle Harding, IBM

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Maximo 7.6 Upgrade and Installation

Speaker:  Darlene Nerden, IBM

Overview: In this session will we cover reasons to upgrade to Maximo 7.6, along with planning for you Maximo upgrade.  We will cover the upgrade process of Maximo including industry solutions and add-ons.  We will also take a look at the new Maximo 7.6 installation process and configuration tool.​

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Maximo Accelerated Value Program:  Learn the Secret Sauce to saving time and money with AVP​ 

Speaker:  Janis Thomas, IBM

Overview:  Come and learn how IBM clients are leveraging the Accelerated Value Program!  With AVP, your single point of contact will provide consultation and advice to evolve your best practices throughout your IBM solution.  Even better, your membership to the Maximo Advisory Council will connect you "behind the curtain" to Maximo Development, Product Strategy, and Subject Matter Experts on Maximo technologies.

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Maximo in the Cloud - SaaS

Speaker:  Andrew Lee, IBM

Overview: This session will demonstrate the new business intelligence (BI) capabilities of Maximo 7.6 including Cognos, Maximo BI Packs, Ad Hoc Reporting and KPIs.

Comparisons of the different BI tools and capabilities will also be detailed, along with recommendations on how you can apply them to your unique environment. Additionally, best practices for using these features and detailed reference materials will be provided.

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Maximo Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting 

Speaker:  Darlene Nerden, IBM

Overview: In this session will review the Maximo architecture and factors that influence performance.  We will discuss some details for those factors regarding tuning for a performance impact.  We will look at troubleshooting tools and Maximo settings to help identify and resolve a Maximo performance issue.

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New UX - Workcenters, Inspections Demo 

Speaker:  Lacey Radabaugh, IBM

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Scheduler and Scheduler Plus

Speaker:  Brian Downey, IBM

Overview: Maximo Scheduler provides Planners and Schedulers access to critical factors needed for the creation of an accurate meaningful work schedule. It also accommodates the needs of the Supervisors, Dispatchers, and the Field Technician in an effort to streamline the entire Maximo work management process. Maximo Scheduler Plus extends Maximo Scheduler's capabilities to enable users to manage large complex projects, as well as all planned and unplanned maintenance across either a broad geographic area or where weather plays an important factor in asset availability. With a combination of both Maximo Scheduler Plus and Maximo Scheduler, end-to-end work management can be accomplished using a single system of record. 

Content: This session will provide an overview of Maximo Scheduler and Maximo Scheduler Plus, cover what's new in the latest 7.6.7 release, as well as the future direction of these offerings. Attendees will learn how Scheduler Plus and Scheduler can help streamline their maintenance and service scheduling practices through:

  1.  Graphically managing short/mid/long term work including complex projects
  2.  Integrating weather data with Maximo work planning, scheduling, assigning and dispatching
  3.  An intuitive appointment booking application
  4.  Automated scheduling and assignment of work

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Workshop Wednesday

Maximo 7.6.x The Many Ways to Use Classification Structures in Maximo
Presented by Technology Training and Consulting

Agenda of Workshop

Does your organization already use classifications structures for Inventory Items and Assets? Do you wish you understood them better?

Do you wish you could have custom fields and data collected in Maximo, but you have been told that customizations are bad?

Do you need a better, faster, and more robust way to search records like Job Plans, Assets, and Inventory Items in Maximo?

Learn all the different ways that classification structures, specifications, and attributes can help you make Maximo even more robust WITHOUT customizing it.

This class will be a hands-on, instructor-led session on our Maximo Training instance. You will receive a step-by-step guide for everything we do in the classroom. Topics include:

  • How do classification structures work out of the box in Maximo in Item Master, Assets, and Service Requests?
  • Build a classification structure
  • Understand the flexibility in using the same classification structure in multiple applications
  • Learn how using classification structures can standardize record descriptions and “clean up dirty data”
  • Search for records via the specification attributes
  • Populate other fields based on classification structures
  • Inherit Asset classification attributes onto work orders

Download: Currently not available

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