Charleston Ghost & Graveyard Walking Tour | Boeing South Carolina Tour

FMMUG attendees will love this year's optional tour offerings. One is an engaging local tour and the other an educational tour. Both are exclusive to FMMUG! Register for each tour you wish to attend. Links are provided below.

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Charleston Ghost & Graveyard Walking Tour

Scheduled for 6:30 PM Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Cost is $30.00

The Charleston Ghost and Graveyard Tour gives you an exclusive opportunity to walk inside the gates of one of Charleston’s oldest graveyards after dark.

When all the other walking tours are looking in through the wrought iron fence, you’ll be on the inside. Explore the graveyard’s dark corners, closely inspect the headstones to see what you might learn, and take a moment to step across the graves…if you dare. Learn about the history of Charleston’s graveyards, and hear the stories of the famous individuals who found their final resting place in the Holy City. 

You’ve heard the spooky Charleston ghost stories, right? Well, now you can experience them on this up-close-and-personal tour that takes you where others won’t.

Graveyards are endearing pockets of Charleston – so much so that they are often referred to here as simply “gardens.” We love them – they’re full of history, intrigue, and tales of love and loss.

Hear About Charleston’s Spirits and Gruesome Tales:

  • The ghost of Sue Howard, a grieving mother who prays at the grave of her dead child from the spirit world. We’ve got the picture to prove it!
  • Tales of being buried alive! Doctors in old Charlestowne didn’t take chances with contagious diseases. Fall unconscious in a hospital, wake up in a grave!
  • Learn why the terms "saved by the bell" and "graveyard shift" were coined. You’ll be glad you weren’t around when they were!

Don’t forget your flash cameras! You never know what phantom images you can capture.

REGISTER HERE This is a special group tour - just for FMMUG attendees. Cost is $30.00 and is not included in your conference or training registration.


Boeing South Carolina Tour

Thursday, March 7, 2019 at 4:00 PM

Cost is: $21.00

Boeing South Carolina is home to the company's second 787 Dreamliner final assembly and delivery facility. The site also fabricates, assembles and installs systems for aft (rear) fuselage sections of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and joins and integrates midbody fuselage sections. Completed aft and midbody sections are delivered to final assembly in Everett, Wash., via Dreamlifter, or are moved across the campus to final assembly in North Charleston, S.C. Boeing South Carolina builds all three versions of the 787 -- the 787-8, 787-9, and the newest and longest member of the family, the 787-10. Location: 3455 Airframe Dr, North Charleston, SC 29418, USA

Registration: Only 50 seats available!

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